Our delicious, healthy meals are prepared on-site by our cook Gill.

Children really look forward to lunch and tea time, and enthusiastically tuck into whatever delights Gill has created. After a busy day playing and exploring and running around in our gardens, the children really work up an appetite!

We rotate the menu every four weeks so there’s always something exciting, and each meal is nutritionally balanced, to support healthy growth and development.

An example menu to tantalise little taste buds:

Breakfast Lunch Dessert Tea Dessert
Toast & cereal Sweet & sour chicken/Quorn Peaches & ice cream Fish fingers with bread & butter Fruit Medley
Muffins & cereal Sausages /Quorn sausages with Yorkshire puddings, vegetables & gravy Fruit jelly Jacket potato with cheese & beans Fromage Frais
Pancakes & cereal Vegetable lasagne Lemon cheesecake Cheese & ham/cheese & tomato melts Melon boats
Croissants & cereal Beef/Quorn cobbler Apple pie & custard Chicken/Quorn dippers with salad sticks & dips Cheese & raisins
Toast & cereal Fish cakes/vegetable fingers with spaghetti hoops and potatoes Fromage frais A selection of sandwiches Scones

We are happy to cater for any dietary requirements and food allergies, and they are discussed during settling in sessions and a special meeting with Gill

Our parents say

  • "Tiny Steps is a great Nursery for my child to grow and develop. I believe that my child’s needs are catered to exceptionally well. He is happy and is fitting in well and learning. I highly recommend Tiny Steps to parents who desire the best quality in all aspects for their children. Continue reading →"
    - Christelle