Settling-in Sessions


Because all children are unique, the amount of time they take to settle in can vary enormously. For example, children who have an older sibling here at Tiny Steps tend to settle in quickly, as they are already familiar with the setting, and having a big brother or sister around can help if they have a wobble.

It’s vital to give each child time to settle in at their own pace, to make sure they feel welcome, safe and confident in their new environment. We understand it can be difficult for you to leave your little one for the first few weeks, so we make the transition as smooth as possible. Encouraging parents to bring their children to come along to the show around is the first step of introducing your child to the Nursery and really getting a feel for if they feel comfortable there. If you feel we are the right setting for you then once registration has been completed we will organise settling in sessions. The aim of these are to help you both feel happy and secure. Settling-in sessions last between one and three hours during which your Key Person gets to know both of you, as you fill in an ‘All about me’ form together and get to know you and your child. You can fill in details of your child’s routine, likes and interests, to help us make the transition from home to nursery a stress-free experience for you both. This is also a chance for your child to get used to being at nursery, with the added security of their mum and/or dad being there too.

Our parents say

  • "All the staff know my son and me extremely well which I love. Keep up the good work Continue reading →"
    - Charlie