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 Giving your baby the best start to Nursery life

Our cosy baby room is a home from home for your little one, complete with snug cots for nap time. We have up to six babies from six weeks to one year, and our staff to children ratio is 1:3 so there are lots of opportunities for cuddles.

Our main aim is to build close relationships with each baby, so they feel happy, settled and secure in their new environment. Each child is an individual with their own needs, and your baby’s Key Person makes sure these are met at all times.

We follow the routine you have built up for your baby at home, so they’ll have their milk and naps at the same time, whether they are with you, or at nursery. This helps them settle easily, and reinforces that feeling of security. We’ll also take your lead when it comes to weaning, so your baby gets the same messages every day.

We think sensory play is really important; as well as being a lot of fun, it also lets children explore their environment in a new, interesting way. We encourage children to experience their world through playing with jelly, yoghurt, cornflour, mushy peas, baked beans, paint, sand and ‘gloop’! We find the babies love getting messy; in fact some of them even dive in, headfirst!

The babies go outside in the morning and afternoon sessions, to enjoy some fresh air and play with our garden toys. We have a lot of climbing equipment, scuttle bugs, slides, hoops and balls.

We also take books, instruments and other inside equipment out to the garden, so the children can enjoy them in a different environment.




Our parents say

  • "I would happily recommend Tiny Steps to other parents and have done in the past. A great Nursery with excellent staff. Both Henry and I are very happy here! Continue reading →"
    - Emma